Mummy & I Magazine is an award winning monthly publication that gives genuine informative, medical, nutrition, fashion, fitness, entrepreneurial and an encompassing content that celebrates the doggedness of women especially mothers, children and family with contributions from trained and experienced medical professionals.

We are showcasing the lionesses of Africa – some of the inspirational women entrepreneurs who are changing the face of business in the country and getting the world to sit up and take notice of the products they are creating and the business empires they are building. Each of these businesswomen, in their own unique way, is flying the flag for Nigeria, either at home or around the world.


We have published over 20 editions with high profile personalities, CEOs and celebrities of all works of life. We run an excellent print and digital publication known for its innovative and creative initiatives and unique style of publishing. This is why many of our clients use us as Souvenirs for their events.

Mummy & I Magazine has the following major objectives amongst others:

– To provide informative and quality content on Women, Mothers and Babies.

– To empower women, develop and encourage entrepreneurial skills and give business ideas for stay-at-home mothers.

– To inspire and help mothers remain relevant both in the home front and cooperate world.

– Ensure mothers adopt the right parental style to ensure the best in their children are brought to limelight.

– This media platform is for up-to-date information on Motherhood, babies, medical information, fitness and entertainment.

Mummy & I Magazine is devoted to cover the lifestyle, entrepreneurship, motherhood, baby stories in Nigeria and beyond.