Couple who got married 3 days after they met, celebrates 37 years in Marriage.


A couple that met in the 80s and married three days after are celebrating 37 years of marriage. Indeed, this is the prayer of every couple and most importantly, couple goals of these millennial marriages.

A Twitter user shared a sweet post of the couple who happen to be her parents and social media was abuzz with shock and joy in equal measure. Only identified as Africanprize, the lady wished her parents happier days ahead as she praised their dedication to each other.

In her words, “My parents got married three days after they met. They just celebrated 37 years. Love knows no timeline,” she wrote.

The excited woman showed off a photo of her parents back when they were young and all that could be seen in their eyes was unending love.

Africanprize even flaunted a gorgeous snap of her Of course in the modern day, such relationships are frowned upon as most people insist on dating for a couple of years before settling into marriage. Some of her followers thought that was a love story worth celebrating.

Others however, could not wrap their heads around the thought of getting hitched to a complete stranger.

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