Adéfunké Ayeni nee Arowolo is a practicing medical doctor in Muscat, Oman. She’s happily married to a wonderful man and a happy mother of two amazing boys aged 2 and 5years 10months.

Her unquenchable passion for fashion led her to start an instagram page @by.adefunke which is a rapidly growing page of more than 90% engaged Nigerian followers. She’s popularly known as “YourStyleDoctor” as she shares wonderful fashion tips and tricks as well as fun styling videos which is responsible for the exponential growth of her page.

Adéfunké runs a Personal Styling Clinic which is an online based styling course through which she’s able to help hundreds of women change their lives forever through style. She vehemently believes fashion is beyond vanity and it carries the power to transform you from the inside out.

In addition, she is the CEO of FKY by Adéfunké which is a Nigerian based fashion brand relaunching in October, 2020. This brand focuses on unique ready to wear pieces which is guaranteed to make the wearer standout. FKY by Adéfunké boost in not just being a fashion brand but a symbol of inspiration to everyone that they can be anything they dream of becoming.

Adéfunké runs an NGO ‘Style A Life Foundation’ Nigeria which is listed in Top 5 highest Maternal Mortality in the World.

Her interview with Mummy and I magazine encourages women not to lose their sense of fashion and style after childbearing. Being a mum can be a herculean task sometimes but you can attractively style yourself through this beautiful motherhood journey!