How trustworthy are your female friends? Do you tell them all your secrets? How many men you have been with? How many abortions you have had and how good your man is in bed? How you snatched Chioma’s boyfriend. How the son you have with Tony don’t belong to him….The problem of women most times is caused by their fellow women. They gossip and spread rumours about each other. They don’t mind dating a man who is in a relationship or married to their friends.It is common knowledge among the male folks that one of the easiest women to take to bed are usually the friends of your girl friend or wife. Once they are jealous of her, they become easy targets.

They arrange to meet the man, telling him stories about his girlfriend or wife. They tell him secrets about his woman. Secrets he doesn’t know about. Many relationships have been broken because the man most times acts on this secrets and calls off the relationship or marriage.If the man is rich, handsome and cute. They scheme to have hFrom Some want him for keeps. While others just want to test that thing between his legs that their friend has boasted about. They don’t mind sleeping with the man for their own selfish interests.Many men have been seduced by the so called friends of their girlfriends, fiances and wives. Some fall for it, others have stood their grounds.

Men continue to wonder why women stab themselves in the back. Why they betray themselves just to have a man.It is rampant everywhere. Start a relationship, be comfortable, good looking and good in bed and soon they will come swarming like bees. They make their moves based on the information they get from the woman.Not all women behave in this manner. Some will rather die than betray their friends. They will never sacrifice their friendship because of little things.To the women out there, who are your friends? Do you trust them with your secrets? What kind of woman are you? They say birds of the same feather flock together. Do not destroy your relationship or marriage with your mouth.

Things that happen in your home and relationships should stay with you. No law says you must tell them everything. Do not be carried away by what they say and sell yourselves to the wolves.May the lord give our women the wisdom not to destroy what they have built.To the women who keep going after their fellow woman’s source of happiness. God is looking at you in 3D.

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    Williams says

    Beautiful…..women should also avoid going on a date with there friend on a first date of a man they know fully well that they share feelings for

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