Men go after what they want. A woman should not be under any impression that she is the woman a man wants to be with.

Your cooking skills, sex moves and Christian like attitude may not guarantee you a space in his heart.

Only a man knows what he wants and till he finds it,  everything you do will hardly make sense to him.

If you have done more than this and feel you deserve more. If you have given everything and he still treats you like a nobody…

It’s time to move on. You ain’t what he wants.

It doesn’t mean you ain’t valuable. It doesn’t mean that you have nothing to offer. It doesn’t make him an evil man……. It’s simply a case of you not being the woman he wants to be with.

Out there, on the streets is a man looking for someone like you. He will do anything to be with you.

So why waste your time and lose sleep over someone who doesn’t see you in his future?

Don’t waste time in an unproductive relationship. Don’t beat yourself wondering if something is wrong with you. Don’t cry thinking nobody wants you.

You are valuable….. An asset for your kind. A man who is looking for someone like you will come along and make you look New.

Don’t be desperate……. Don’t settle for less. Believe in you and your time will come.


Dedicated to all the single women out there who have a good ♥ heart. Women who have given everything to love and be loved.

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