Valentine Edition, 2018

To Tarrah ,music is a universal language that needs not be put in a box. Currently thriving in the afro-soul/soft rock genre, Tarrah holds strongly that Jesus is at the core of her music and the whole world is her audience. With the news of hopelessness, war, hatred and terror, she, through her music spreads the good news of hope, peace, love and unity. Her love for culture can also be felt in her music as she fuses her indigenous language with her lyrics. This is just one, out of many qualities that made her easily carve a niche for herself in the music industry over the years.

A veterinary doctor by day with music in her veins. Tarrah, as she is popularly called, started music professionally in 2005 although she had been singing in church from the age of 4. She has recorded 28 songs till date and is still working on more songs. She has performed on various live stages across Nigeria and in the United States of America.