Steve loved his wife and would never be unfaithful to her, but a woman at work had caught his eye. She was beautiful and had showed interest in him. She would stop by his office to talk always about safe subjects such as her boyfriend or Steve’s wife. But this woman’s presence soon became a factor that Steve always long for and look forward too. He didn’t know what to do and after battling with this illicit feelings for a while, he decided to open up to his wife, at least invite her into the situation as an ally.

After dinner one night, he broached the subject as carefully as he knew how to. He started by reaffirming his love for his wife and his decision to be faithful to her but there’s a woman at work always stopping by his office whose aura to him seems too seductive and gradually, he’s finding himself hugely attracted to her. Immediately Steve’s wife heard this, she burst into tears and ran upstairs to their bedroom locking the door behind her. He ended up spending the night on the sofa downstairs. Naturally, he concluded he had made a gigantic mistake by revealing what was going on at work to his wife.

He decided to bottle everything up and handle the situation himself but a month later, he found himself thrusting in between his colleague’s legs in his office. It happened just once but he never told his wife.Eddie was abused as a teen by his uncle who spent years in the walls of a prison. He was paying his fees, so he couldn’t say no. Now, he’s married and enjoys sex with his wife whom he loves so very much and could die for but sometimes, the feeling to have his ass abused overtakes him. More often than not, he resorted to Gay porn in secret to fulfill this fantasy. One day, after the pastor preached on the benefits of confessing to your spouse about your past using James 5:16 as his text, Eddie felt remorseful and decided to confess to his wife. As soon as his wife heard “Gay and Gay porn”, she stormed out of her husband and drove out to her parents house.

The next day, Eddie got a call from his Pastor. He went to see him only to discover his wife told him what he confessed. Two more relatives called Eddie asking him to explain who abused him and when? Within 24 hrs, Eddie’s story of teenage abuse circulated courtesy of his wife. Eddie couldn’t face the shame. He had to abandon his family to relocate to another town.Ladies, there is a reason your husband is hiding the truth from you. A lot of women have trained their husbands to conceal the truth from them. Put yourself in your husband’s shoes.

He takes a HUGE risk to be honest with you. And what is his reward? SILENCE, ANGER, CRYING, HITTING, VERBAL ABUSE, GOSSIP, DEPRESSION, OR IN EXTREME CSES, DIVORCE. The minimum sentence is a night on the sofa. Is it any wonder why men don’t tell their wives the truth? Why some ladies can’t swallow the bitter pills of truth is because the lack the tenacity to handle it. There is a strength for handling the Truth. This strength don’t just come by default, you need to be full within to exert this strength.

You need to develop your capacity to handle issues no matter how ugly and smelly they are. Any relationship based on truth and transparency stands the test of time. If you can’t stand the truth, then don’t ask your spouse to be truthful…. Its as simple as that but if and only if you build your capacity and tenacity to handle issues, you won’t only be your husband’s wife but his best friend too.

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