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Positioning yourself for Marriage by Ijeoma Esther Nnamdi

A lot has been said about marriages in recent times with the death of Osinachi whose voice still speak volumes from the world beyond, causing a great revolution and awareness on the height of domestic violence a lot of women are passing through in the hands of men who claimed to love and protect them.

The media keeps flooding their pages with stories of abuse, domestic violence, subjugation and suffering a lot of married women go through in their Marriages including economic and financial oppression but the big question is;

“Is this the reality of every married woman?”

The answer is a resounding


In every 500 stories of marital pain and crisis you read on social media, there are 50,000 stories of good, beautiful and lovely marriages out there that couldn’t get their true love stories spread on your phone screens.

Even though there’s war in Ukraine, Ukrainians are still getting married!

During biafra war, our parents and grandparents found a way to get married!

The heat of the war couldn’t stop their love life!

Despite what you read from tabloids, people are still getting married.

In fact, I had mega fun gracing the beautiful wedding of one of my darlings on Saturday and I shared the gorgeous pictures that captured the beautiful memories of her big day!

Take a walk to popular event centres on Saturdays and Sundays, you’ll be amazed they are always booked every weekend which means people are getting married every weekend.

With every union that breaks, there are hundreds of unions that gets instituted or established.


Because nothing can ever STOP OR ABOLISH God’s gift to Mankind which is the gift of a beautiful Marriage in which couples are to experience great companionship, intimacy, vulnerability and Transparency.

God is using Marriage to explain how deeply Christ loves his bride (the church) and gave up everything for her.

In fact, note this down

“THE MARRIAGE INSTITUTION is not bad but THE INDIVIDUALS in the Marriage Institution create their reality (either good or bad) themselves.”

The mentality of your spouse becomes your object of reality.

Let me clarify this point further,

Let say, someone gave you a plate as a gift (Marriage) and you want to make an omelette (a home or family). When you break the first egg which is good (a good spouse) and break another egg that is bad (a bad spouse), together, you’ll have a terrible omelette that smells really bad.

Will you blame the PLATE for your terrible omelette?

Will you say, “This plate made my omelette bad?

So, when we say, ‘MARRIAGES are terrible’ this is exactly how we sound ‘The plate is terrible.’

Our blame should be on the eggs (the two individuals that came together to unite) and form an omelette (A home).

So, a Marriage is as good as the husband and wife that are in it!

This is me breaking it down like a professionally certified teacher I am.

I have a lot of messages from beautiful singles who desire to get married and enjoy marital bliss.

Join over 8,000 women in our WOMEN COMMUNITY ‘Ladies Let’s Talk Int’l’ to learn how to position yourself for Marriage.



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