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Regain your Breast shape after pregnancy by Doing the following!

After Pregnancy breastfeeding is a lovely event to every women. By nature after pregnancy with in 2 to 5 days breasts get enlarge then the normal. Nipple get darker & thick. This change happens due to pregnancy hormone. Post pregnancy pregnancy hormone stimulates milk producing tissues to produce milk. In this duration due to rapid blood flow you can found little pain in your breast areas. Breastfeeding is not a chapter of 1 or 2 days job it goes up to several years. In this session let us share breast care tips for breastfeeding Moms.

Wash your Nipples

After breastfeeding wash your Nipples well. This is hygienic for your baby as well as protect your from Skin infections. During you wash your Nipples take a soft wet cotton. Using this rub you nipple slowly until it clean well. Avoid to use soap. Generally use of soap makes loss of moisture. The result dryness can produce cracks.

Massage Therapy

Before 7th month onward massage Bio or Coconut oil around your breasts. As we discussed above after post pregnancy breast enlarge suddenly, in this case massage therapy helps to protect you from stretch marks.

During the period of breastfeeding everyday during you bath make its a habit to massage your breasts well. For massage purpose you can use Oil plus water. During massage rub your breasts clock-wise & anti-clock wise. Massage therapy helps to improve blood flow. Better blood flow help to produce more milks. After breast massage pull your Nipples 10 to 12 times. This exercise helps in better milk extraction.

Nursing or Maternity Bras

Post Pregnancy change your bra. As the size get enlarge choose large size nursing or maternity bras. Avoid to use tight bra. Tight bra creates problem in Blood circulation. Which can cause breast related diseases. Don’t wear bra at night. Keep your breast free. Practice to wear quality non-underwire bra.

Don’t press Hard
During intercourse.

Tell your hubby to don’t press your breasts hard. Avoid lickage of milk. It was observed during sex lickage of milk produce unhealthy milks for baby.

Diet Plan

Diet is a major unit to control our body. Breastfeeding moms need to more careful about their diet plans. Medically milks comes from you depending upon your body strength. Better diets can create more milk. Including your regular diet add more iron & protein rich foods. Consult your family doctor & intake required vitamins & calcium. Incorporate fruits & green vegetables judiciously to increase your daily water intake. Keep your breasts warm it help for better milk production.

Pump Excess Milk

Post Pregnancy for 3 months frequently do breastfeeding. As the baby will grow it reduces breastfeeding counts. For first 3 months if you will not share milk to your baby it may cause pain for you. After breastfeeding still if you found you have excess milks use pump & extract excess milks. It was found in such case where breastfeeding not happen to moms milks get clot & creates problem.

Sore & Cracked Nipples

Sore & Cracked nipples is a very common problem to many breastfeeding moms. Generally this happens during baby feeding. To protect you from this learn from any experienced women how to position during breastfeeding.

I know you are worried about the beauty of your breast. It’s true to find something we need to lose something. You already a mom how can you dream more towards that shapes. Still take time slowly your breast will back to normal again.



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