July Edition 2018


July Edition 2018

The combination of her rich educational background, invaluable work exposure, and personal drive to succeed has seen Kiki turn out an astute businesswoman as HOPE Fashion and St. Kiks Couture have become unmitigated successes in the short period of three years, boasting some of the biggest names and socialites in the Nigerian glamour scene as loyal clients.

Kiki however credits her determination, love from family, love of knowledge, creativity and faith in God as instrumental to her success story. She believes anyone can be whatever he or she wants to be as long as they don’t let anything or the loss of anyone stop you. Be like a Moving train and be unstoppable. “I have had to rise above enormous challenges in life, but my determination and love from my family were priceless currencies that paved the way for me to find my gold of success and happiness”

The fashion design business is an artistic endeavor, therefore “my business success is founded on a unique proposition and sustained on relentless creativity.

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