April Edition 2018


May Edition 2018

Ambassador Unyime Ivy King is an unapologetic pen pusher and ever zealous Founder of SOW&G Foundation. She is also, an Ambassador of United Nations. A woman who has got to light out for the territory ahead of the rest in championing the course that will bring liberation and elevate the consciousness of women to their undeniable role in ensuring an atmosphere of Love, Peace and Warmth in their homes.

Her presence alone command a lot of heralds from Nigerian women because her tremendous impact has caused a lot of tremor, catalyzing the hearts of most women all over the world positively, endearing them to be bold for change and keep pressing forward.

Unyime-Ivy, pledged to do all within her power to lift other women from the slough of despondency, empower them to action and equip them to take up the gauntlet and combat whatever challenge that would come their way as "Mums on the go." She qualified for the privileges generously conferred by United Nations as her Ambassador for peace.

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