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Parental and Societal Pressure: Effect on Single and Married.

Parental and Societal Pressure

Marriage Desperation can push you into the hands of a man who is not designed for you. Societal Pressure Can Push You To Saying “I DO” To A Man Who HAS NOT PREPARED HIMSELF for Marriage. Don’t allow marriage desperation or societal pressure to push you into the arm of a man who is neither ready nor designed for you

Don’t rush into a marriage that will bury your destiny and purpose..

There is a direct connection between DESPERATION AND DECISION.

Desperation often leads to wrong decisions, which in turn leads to frustration, anger, pain regrets and darkness.

Desperation pushes one into unending bitterness and pains.

It is better to be single and believing God to be married than to be married and Praying to be single again.


I would like to appeal to youths, in as much, that I am so in love with this iphone 13, Do not let societal pressure make you steal or go into prostitution because you want to feel among by owning one.

Your world won’t end, if you manage your Android or that your so called “small phone” that can at least browse.
A lot of destinies are wasting away in prisons, as a result of fraudulent activities just for them to meet up.

It is not worth it in the long, if you think about it deeply.💁



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